Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Mommy Obsession

Arya is obsessed with me.  Like legitimately she stalks me.  She follows me around the house like a shadow.  If anyone is holding her and she sees me she puts her arms out for me to take her.  I'm the only one who can hold her in the pool.  She runs around the house yelling "mommy, mama, mama, mommy".  She can always be found under foot.  I haven't peed by myself in eons.

I think this must be what it feels like to be a celebrity.  To have someone follow you around, yelling your name 24/7 when you're just trying to live your life in peace.  It's like living with a very tiny paparazzo whose very income depends on getting a shot of you with no make up on.

It's incessant.

On the one hand it is very wonderful that she loves me so much.  On the other hand it's also nice to do the dishes without being yelled at to hold a baby.

I had hoped that this obsession would have waned since I've been home from work, but it seems to have just intensified.  You have to see when Isabella tries to get a hug in, Arya will storm over and scream in her face and try to smack her away from me.  Isabella totally uses this to torment her sister.

Hopefully, she'll get a grip on reality soon and realize that daddy and grandma are just as cool.  Maybe then I can pee in peace.


Ana Lynn Amelio said...

Haha, I went through the same phase. And the competition... I'm still going through that phase. Oddly enough when it's just one of them and I ask for help they aren't so quick to come help. But if both of them are there it's like who can race to do it faster... and then make the other one completely mad in the process!

Organized Chaos said...

Awe! Shame LJ is the same way with me. I can maybe get him to go to Papa for like 2 minutes! It was crazy when I was in hospital because he was super good for his dad and when they came to visit Hubby couldn't walk away from him. But it all went right back to normal when I came home! He's 18 months now and I'm hoping it's a phase! I agree it's great to know they love you so much but you have to create some space! ;-) Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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