Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Leaf

So I've been kind of wishy washy lately about blogging.  Mostly because I'm kind of running out of things to write about.  I've pretty much got this mothering thing as under control as I'll ever get it, which means it's always "just" eluding my grasp.  But also because of the reaction I get from some of my posts.  If I'm in a bad mood and I vent on here I get comments saying that I might be depressed...or I might just be having a bad day.  If I write about being jealous of someone else I get lectured.  Mostly I just brush it off, but sometimes it kind of bugs me.

But I've decided to kind of turn over a new writing leaf.  One this is my space so I'm going to write whatever the hell I want and the comments are your space so you can write whatever the hell you want.

In regards to the actual writing.  There's so many things in my life that I'm passionate about besides my kids, although my writing probably will stay mainly focused around those two silly girls.  But I love to cook and share recipes.  I love good wine and craft beer.  I love to exercise and run...well I like to exercise and run.

So there's no reason why my writing shouldn't reflect all the facets of my life.  Fuck trying to fit into a niche.


Ana Lynn Amelio said...

Thumbs up for not limiting yourself into a niche! We gave up on the niche idea long ago and it's working for us. This is your blog, do what makes you happy!

Madonna said...

There's more to you than just being a "mom" so I'd love to hear what else you have to share! It's your blog, so share what you want. And I love any post involving alcohol. LOL

Leslie said...

Hi there! I came over through SITS, and just want to say Go You! Honestly, my favorite blogs all encompass multiple aspects of life. I used to follow niche blogs, but quickly got bored. Like you said, it’s your space…use it as you like!

Cassandra Schmigotzki said...

It's YOUR blog so you can do what you like with it. The blog will evolve as you grow!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

YES!! Fuck niches! I stressed about that for a while and I'm over. Kinda over blogging lately too. I'm really hoping I can find my voice again because I do miss it.

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