Friday, July 18, 2014

She Devil

Remember how I used to write about what a sweet and happy baby my Arya was?  How she laughed at everything and was quick to smile?  How it was so easy to keep her content?  Well now she's turned into a little she devil.


That girl wants what she wants when she wants it.  If she doesn't get it she full on yells in your face.  Not cries, screams at the top of her lungs in anger/frustration.  She also will throw herself on the floor in the cutest little temper tantrum you ever saw.  Sometimes she even bites.  I don't think they make baby muzzles though, do they?

Just biting my toes

Here are some things that set her off:

  • when I don't let her walk on the table
  • when I don't let her eat rocks
  • when her sister tries to hug me or sit on my lap
  • when someone is eating food and she wants some
  • when it's time to change her diaper
  • when she wants to be picked up and you don't pick her up the nanosecond she says "up"
  • when she thinks she can climb the stairs by herself
  • when her sister won't share her ice pop
The life of a one year old is just rife with tribulations isn't it?  


Organized Chaos said...

This sounds like every toddler...every where! Seriously, I'm going through the tantrum phase with both my boys! I'm holding thumbs and praying for you that it passes quickly!

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