Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Worst Things About Summer

I love summer.  I love long hot days, dips in cold pools, sandy toes, and frozen cocktails.  I love not having to rush out the door in the morning and sitting in hours of traffic.  But every rose has it's thorn and I'm in just an ornery enough mood to make a list of the worst parts of this sultry season.

The Towels

I swear to God as if I don't have enough laundry to do I do a load of towels a day.  Why do you ask?  Because instead of leaving the pool towels to dry over the pool fence so they can dry and be reused the next day, people bring them in and leave them in a wet heap on the bathroom floor and I have to wash them.  Plus everyone is taking lots of showers to wash off the chlorine and sweat and sunscreen.  Lots and lots of towels.

The Bugs

It's like once the mercury passes the 80 degree mark the seven circles of hell open up and out flies every dragon fly, mosquito, wasp, bumble bee and other insect that has me jumping 50 feet in the air every time one buzzes by my ear.

The Sunscreen 

Apply it, reapply it, make sure you remember to apply it to weird areas like your under butt cuff and hair line.  Remember to reapply it to the kids, forget to reapply it to yourself and then boosh...sunburn.  Plus it's like trying to wrestle a greased pig getting it on wiggly little ones.

Skimpy Clothes

It's hard to hide muffin top and upper arm jiggle in tank tops and crop tops.  Staying cool while staying covered is a true summer time art form.

Even with it's killer bugs and damp towels, summer still pretty much rocks my socks off.


AwesomelyOZ said...

The bugs always suck - esp since I have allergies to the bug bites, in particular mosquitoes. It's no fun but you learn to avoid humid and dampy areas, I stay where it's fresh by the beach and pool is my favorite.. Trees and mountainous areas are unfortunately not my friend. Happy Friday Melissa! -Iva

Serena Smith-Williams said...

LOL! This post is fantastic and hilarious! I feel the same way about the bugs!

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