Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I wrote a little while ago about how I knew deep in my heart that I was done having babies.  Andy feels the same way.  We just know that we are done.  We love our girls, they are both happy and healthy.  We can afford to take care of them and splurge a little for nice things every now and then.  We're happy where we're at.

So that left the question of birth control.  I refuse to go back on the birth control pill because it turns me into a stark, raving lunatic, plus I always forget to take it and I know of too many "I forgot to take my pill" babies.  Condoms aren't for me (I'm not single or 16).  So Andy agreed to get a vasectomy.

It was a fairly simple procedure.  He had it done yesterday.  I wasn't really even worried about it even though he went under anesthesia.  I was more worried about the recovery.  Meaning that he was going to be a pissy, whiney baby for a week making me wait on him hand and foot while taking care of the kids and the house.

He's not that bad.  A little pissy and moany, but not too bad.  He's more just uncomfortable.  He's mostly lying on the couch with a bag of peas on his crotch, but he's in good spirits.

I'm so glad that it's done and we don't have to worry about pregnancies or anything like that.  We still have to be careful for a little while until he gets a sample tested, but I'm feeling very relieved!


Ana Lynn Amelio said...

Now I can tell my husband he is not the only guy who wants it voluntarily. Good to know it was a simple procedure and everything went well.

Tamara Camera said...

That's great, that you're feeling relieved and he's ok.
Oddly, you aren't the only blogger I know whose husband got a vasectomy this week!
I wish Cassidy had gotten the memo.
He's more than willing. I'm just not sure yet.

Timothy Burke said...

It takes a lot of guts from Andy to get it done! Many guys conveniently "forget" about their vasectomy plans, so seeing Andy go through with it is a nice change. You'd just have to take care of him for a while, and everything should be okay. Hopefully, Andy's example would be emulated by other people. Send my regards to him!

Timothy Burke @ Sydney Vasectomy Services

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