Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'll Be Nursing Forever

I'm not even kidding.  I will surely be nursing this child forever.  Or maybe even longer.  Some days I swear to high heaven that she nurses more than a newborn.  It's not out of hunger, she eats breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Or out of thirst, she drinks water from a sippy cup no problem.  She nurses for comfort.

I love that I've been able to provide that comfort to her, I really do, but honestly I am so done with nursing.  Arya is 15 months old.  I really think I've done a wonderful job nursing her, but breastfeeding is a two way street and I'm really ready to stop.

Problem is that she's not.

I've been googling ways to wean gently, because I don't want to traumatize the kid, and everything just seems to say, distract her or give her cuddles or just gradually drop a feeding.  The problem is, there's no distraction for her.  She screams her bloody head off, gets herself into a nursing position and yells "nurse, nurse".  She gets herself really worked up...real tears and everything.

I really don't know what to do.  I've considered seeing if she'll take a pacifier (she's never used one before), since that is essentially what she's using me as.  But then I think that I don't even know if she'll take one and if that's just replacing one habit with another.

I also googled when do kids self-wean and most things that I've read seem to say between 2 and 3.  I think I would ugly cry if I knew I had to breastfeed her that much longer.

I can't hide my boobs.  They're just there.  I feel guilty because I know she loves it more than anything and I really wouldn't mind if it was just twice a day (morning and night), but it's all the time.

Any tips?  Suggestions?  Commiserations?


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

So awesome that you've made it this far! Especially with work and everything! When do you start back at work? Or have you already? I'm thinking that will help wean her during the day and hopefully your supply will drop. If anything, just tell her no boobs during the day at first. Yes she'll throw a fit for a while but in a day or so she'll learn. Just distract and redirect. Nighttime will be the tough time to cut it out since she's comfort nursing. My SIL ended up nursing until 2.5 when she could reason with my nephew. I totally understand you wanting your body back! But it's awesome you've made it this far. Hugs!!!

Ashley said...

No advice but I'm in the same boat. My little one only nurses 3 times a day but she really seems to eat - like gulps for 10-20 minutes straight. She's almost 18 months and I need to wean her soon because I am going away for the weekend without her but it's hard and emotional. She's my last baby and nursing brings her so much comfort it's hard to take it away…..just know that you are not alone.

Mands said...

Not sure if this would work, as I've never had to do this, but what if you pumped before a nursing session that way there wasn't as much for her to have? If you act like breastfeeding is just something that you can't do anymore physically and that the milk is going away on its own, she may understand the fact that it just doesn't exist anymore versus that the milk is there and she just can't have it.

V. Nino said...

My son comfort nurses too. I've tried to push a pacifier on him, but he is not having it. I'm so exhausted at just three months I want to cry thinking about doing this for a year (at least).

Anyway, I love how honest you are...and that you curse too :) Can we hang out? lol

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