Thursday, September 18, 2014

21 Day Fix

So I'm putting my Focus T25 on a three week hiatus while I try out the 21 Day Fix.  I've been really excited to try this program because it really targets nutrition and portion control with 30 minute workout routines.

So basically you get a set of DVD's with 9 workouts.  Most are 30 minutes long but there is a 10 minute ab fix.  You also get a detailed eating plan that focuses around these little tupperware containers, which is good because I could eat a mountain of food if left unchecked.

Based on my weight I get to eat:

3 greens (veggies)
4 red (protein)
2 purple (fruits)
2 yellow (starches/carbs)
1 blue (cheese/hummus/nuts/etc)
1 orange (oil/seeds)
2 tsp (nut butters)

You can drink tea and coffee (no fatty creams or syrups) and wine and treats are ok (3x's a week and you swap it out for a yellow...bummer because I love my yellow)

I thought I'd be super starving and hungry and grumpy because I love to snack and eat cheese and have sweets, but I'm actually keeping really full.  I'm still craving sweets, but I'm just starting and they say it takes 21 Days to break a habit.

My Focus T25 challenge group is going strong and I'm starting a 21DF one on September 29th, so I'd say the beachbody coaching thing is going pretty good so far!


h_esquire said...

Love your blog, thanks for keeping it up :) How many workouts a week is it? Looking at getting back into fitness and a better diet as my 2nd is hitting the 2-month-old mark, but I am realistic that my free time is severely limited and I am tired. A lot.

AwesomelyOZ said...

I will be looking in to this - I have done the 30 day shred and have gotten good at working out 5 times a week but am ready to take it to the next level and this may be a good step in that direction to target nutrition because boy do I love carbs!!! :) Best of luck reaching your optimal goal and weight!! Have a great one Melissa! -Iva

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