Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summing Up Summer

Summer 2014 has been kind of a mixed bag for me.  I love the freedom and easy going nature of summer, not having to rush around in traffic or set up my breakfast/lunch/coffee the night before.  I like having the days free to do what I want with my littles.  However, it was also extremely difficult with Andy working all the time because Arya is at the age where, although she's a lot of fun and her personality is exploding, she's into everything and everything she's into is deadly.  For example, eating rocks, climbing on the coffee table, using her step stool to try and dance on the window sill.  Crazy stuff.

I felt like I didn't do as much as I normally do in the summer time because it's just so much work to make sure she's not getting into something she shouldn't and still keep an eye on Isabella.  I also feel like I didn't have people over as much this year because she's still all about the nursing and why bother inviting people over so they can watch me chase around my baby?

There have been times of super happiness...like our vacation to Ocean City and trips to Sesame Place and big family BBQ's and evening dance parties.

There have been times of annoyance...chasing Arya around the pool so she doesn't fall in the deep end because she will not under any circumstance sit in her tube thingy that I bought her, nursing all morning because it's the only thing that keeps her happy when she's teething, following her up and down the ladder of the play set in our backyard because she doesn't want to go on the baby one.

And there have been times of extreme sadness and loneliness...like when Andy worked 6 straight overtimes in a row when Arya was cutting her back molar.  When I was so frazzled and so sad to keep the girls inside for a few days because I just couldn't muster up the energy to take them somewhere.

It's been a summer of happiness, guilt, loneliness, frustration, silliness, and peace.  Next summer Arya will be 2 so it should be easier in some respects, but harder in others.

I'm sad to be going back to work, but I thrive in that structure so once I hit my stride I know I'll be fine.

How was your summer?


AwesomelyOZ said...

Structure is essential - that is what I miss most during the summers. Since my son's father and I are divorced, he keeps him for a bit longer during the summers but what happens is that throws me off further since my son isn't with me. I think my son forced me to stick to schedules and stay organized - without him, I just go home and passout or take naps. Laziness is my core so it's nice to have school starting back up to balance that out. I feel the same, kids want entertainment during the summer months but momma's gotta work - thankfully, my son understands that but it's still a bit of a guilt trip for me. Still, he's a lucky kid and there are kids in the world going through worse so I'm good. :) Happy Hump Day Melissa! -Iva

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