Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surviving September

September has me nearly ripping my hair out.  I thrive on the routine, structure, and adult conversation that going back to work brings BUT let's not forget that my full time job involves me being around a whole lot of kids most of the day.  Kids will eat your brains...or at least turn them into mush.

September is a crazy month as everyone slides back into their routines and adjusts.  As an extra add on bonus, Isabella is in Kindergarten which comes with meetings and homework and deadlines and a whole bunch of papers to sort through every single day.

My job in September is a verifiable crap storm.  I'm trying to acclimate 30 3rd graders who spent their summer forgetting everything they learned in 2nd grade.  I'm trying to get bulletin boards up, beginning of the year assessments graded, and answering a million silly questions a day (when I get to the bottom of my notebook page, should I turn the page?).

Plus trying to figure out how my workouts are fitting in (usually after bedtime) and getting Isabella back and forth to gymnastics and dance class.  Poor Arya doesn't have much in the way of goings on around here.  Although she does make everything interesting.

How are you surviving your September?


Angela said...

My husband and I are both teachers, and September I always say is one of the most stressful months of the year. At least the weather is usually nice. Good thing because I need something for my sanity.

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