Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Survived Kindergarten

What, what!  Isabella's first day of school was a total success.  She made three friends, she played outside, she loves her gym teacher, she made a craft, they read a story, a little girl tried to push in front of her on line, Isabella pushed her back, then they sat together at lunch.  Fun times!

She likes her teacher, so far none of the kids are fresh, and she got to eat lunch in the big cafeteria with the BIG kids (1st and 2nd graders).

If anyone needs me I'll be buried under a giant pile of paperwork.  Apparently kindergarteners require a lot of paperwork!

Please excuse the grainy cell phone picture, my mom took it and she's  kind of a dumb ass when it comes to these things.


Meghan said...

So glad she did well.
The paperwork never goes away. I have one in 3rd & one in 10th. I spent my evening doing it all. I blogged about my baby's first day as well.

V. Nino said...

The paperwork IS. NEVER. ENDING.

...and it just keeps rolling in.

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