Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why You're Special

Dear My First Born Child,

You're special.  You were the one who made me a mother.  The one who terrified me with how delicate you were and how fierce my love could be.  You were the one who taught me the meaning of the words "exhausted" and "worried".  I took pictures of everything you did and every outfit you wore.  You were the baby I spent hours researching about.  I wanted to do everything just perfect.  I spent close to $30 in pacifiers just to try to find one you would like (I never did).  You were the one who had me crying tears of frustration because you just would. not. sleep.  You're the one who took my breath away with every milestone.  Your first step, first word, first birthday party.  All of it was new and wondrous and exciting and scary.  There's something special about your first baby.

Dear My Second Born Child,

By the time you came around I was a seasoned mother, well versed in the art of "tired" and "freaked out."  I was way more relaxed about motherhood because I knew that as long as I loved you things would all fall into place.  Whereas your older sibling ate dinner at the table at meal times and only watched very limited educational TV shows, we tend to just throw food at you at random times during the day and you have your own Netflix account.  You also never got to be the only baby in our house, you've always had to share our time and our love, but trust me, little one, there's plenty to go around.  You're special because you taught me to slow down, how not to rush from one milestone to the next, but to really savor your sweet baby smell and the sound of your stomping toddler feet and your great big belly laugh.  You're special because you're my last little baby and I want to hold onto you for just as long as you'll let me.


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