Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hot Mess Mama

We've all had those moments right? The moments where we are H.A.M's (Hot Ass Messes). Whelp I had a pretty big one this past weekend and it was, in actuality, very far from pretty. 

Andy and I were planning on leaving Arya with my parents to take Isabella to visit A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place. Since I am such a hot mess I couldn't get my shit together enough to get her a Christmas shirt or outfit or something so I put her in an Elsa shirt and hoped she wouldn't freak out when she saw that her cousins were in their holiday shirts. Elsa is a bad ass snow queen and snow is in winter and Christmas is in winter. It all goes together. 

Then since she's wearing an Elsa shirt she needs a side braid. So, with my limited hair doing skills, I manage to give her an Elsaesque braid. We're in the car 30 seconds before the braid is half out and there are about a hundred fly away hairs despite the fact that I doused her head in hairspray. It's all so tragic. 

I tell her that I'll just throw it in a regular pony tail, but now she's pissed that her hair won't match her shirt. So now that we're already running 20 minutes late because we just can not get it together whenever we have to go somewhere we decide to go to Target because they will definitely have a Christmas shirt...Target has everything. You think we'd learn to set up better the night before but 5.5 years of parenthood and we still haven't figured out how to get out of the house on time. we're in Target and they have holiday shirts for babies, for boys, and for dogs but none for girls sized 5/6. Of course not! As we hustle to the car I realize that we left our season passes at home. Back in the car for another 10 minutes and we're now 40 minutes behind schedule. 

I'm sitting in the car flustered and balled up and I look around and there's barely enough room for my purse that's stuffed full of Kleenex and snacks because there's just kid crap everywhere and I've been meaning to clean out the car but my to do list is already so long and who wants to clean out their car in the cold anyway? 

So we get to Sesame Place on time, shocking I know, and the day goes off without a hitch. No meltdowns about the lack of Christmas shirt or inappropriate hair braids. Until it was time to leave...but that's another story. 


AwesomelyOZ said...

Ha it happens to the best of us! You guys made it, she had a fun time, that's all that counts! I'm a very punctual person so I am planning ahead for days because I try to avoid those H.A.Ms situation lol :) Glad everything worked out and that, all in all, you all had a good time. Hope you all have a great weekend Melissa! Take Care -Iva

Jennifer Humphries said...

Your daughter is adorable! My oldest is thirteen and I still can't get my crap together. I think Hot Mess Moms are more fun anyway!

Herry Page said...

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