Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's Fixuary

If you've been following me for a while the. You know a little less than a year ago I dipped a tepid toe into fitness and soon after dove right in. 

People ask me a lot what my favorite program is. It's a tough question. My favorite trainer is hands down Tony Horton (my first beachbody program was p90x3) but my favorite program I would have to say is the 21 Day Fix because it tackles MY biggest 

I don't necessarily love working out, but I'll do it. It's just a part of my routine. But food has always been my issue. I could eat oreo cookies and macaroni and cheese from sun up to sun down. 

But the 21 Day Fix has not only taught me how to's taught me what and how much to eat using a simple color coded system. 

Reds- protein 
Purple - fruits 
Greens- veggies 
Yellow -carbs/starches 
Blue- healthy fats 
Orange- dressings 

I though I would be starving on it but I'm actually surprised by how much food I actually get to eat. And I don't have to say goodbye to my beloved wine! 

And I love the workouts. 

Total body cardio fix (cardio w/ weights)
Upper fix
Lower fix 
Cardio fix
Dirty 30  (total body w/weights) 
10 minute an fix 

I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes because that's about all the free minutes I have in my day. 

I have an online accountability group that starts next week. It comes with FULL meal plans with recipes for the entire duration of the program. Plus it's on sale this month and I'm offering a sweet rebate via PayPal (expires 2/28/15). 

If you're interested or have any questions email me at:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shakeology and Breastfeeding

First, let's get the particulars out of the way. I am not a doctor. I am not a lactation consultant. I am just a mother who drank Shakeology while nursing her baby BEFORE I ever even imagined signing up as a coach. This post is reflective of my experiences only. 

I started my first Beachbody program back in March of 2014 making Arya about 9 months old. I started p90x3 with a side of Shakeology. I was having a really hard time losing the weight and getting my eating under control. I ate so super healthy when I was pregnant but once I actually had the baby I adopted the mentality that I could eat whatever the hell I wanted because I was exclusively nursing. 

That wasn't working out so well for me in the health and fitness department. I had no time to get to a gym  and was having inconsistent results with weight watchers and running. A friend of mine at work was having amazing results with Beachbody so I figured, "Why not?" 

BUT I was nervous about trying the Shakeology because even though Arya was eating table food as well, she was still very much a nurser and I had no plans to wean her any time soon. I don't know why I was so worried. I didn't much care about the processed and refined foods I was eating affecting her, like white pasta, Oreo cookies, and a serious deficit of vegetables. I guess I was worried about the protein affecting her tummy or whatnot. 

I brought the ingredient list to my pediatrician and she looked it over and she told me that the ingredients were perfectly safe but to try a half serving every other day at first to see if it bothered her. Arya never reacted to any food in my diet ever. So I tried it and it didn't affect her at all. No constipation, no gas, no discomfort. I did notice a significant boost in my supply though. Not sure if it was from the extra nutrients or calories or whatever but I definitely saw more in my pumping output when I was at work. 

I went on to nurse Arya until she was 16 months old. I drank Shakeology almost every day and I have never had an issue. Arya is bright, funny, and has hardly ever been sick. I can't say for sure if that's from nursing in general, drinking Shakeology, or just dumb luck. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Apple Pie Shakeology

I have an insane sweet tooth. I will choose a restaurant based on the dessert menu. Sugar addiction has been a huge obstacle for me to overcome in my health and fitness journey. 

I've been relying on Shakeology to hit that sweet spot. I might have out done myself with my concoction today. 

Apple Pie Shakeology 

1/2 cup of water 
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 
1 scoop vanilla Shakeology 
1/2 cup unsweetened Apple sauce 
Dash of cinnamon 

Combine all ingredients and blend.

It tastes like thanksgiving in a glass. 

If you're on the 21 Day Fix this counts as a red and a purple 

If you're interested in trying out Shakeology send me an email @

Monday, February 9, 2015

A General Hodgepodge of Miscellaneous Potpourri

I suck at blogging lately but I'm doing pretty well in other areas.  Here's a general update for any straggling readers I might still have. 


Isabella is kicking ass in kindergarten. We had a little trouble with a bully back in October but that's been taken care of. She's starting to read on her own and she loves school! I get a little worried making sure she has friends and things like that since I don't really know any of the mothers but she seems like she's doing ok in that area without my help. She's such a sweet big sister. We're working on her picking up after herself and being more independent. Like getting her own applesauce and yogurt out of the fridge instead of constantly badgering me for every little thing. 


Arya is my little firecracker! She's the most affectionate, huggy, cuddley, kissy little thing ever but oh my lord does this child have a wild side. Keeping her alive is a full time job! Her favorite things to do are to jump on the couch, climb on the table, and pretty much climb on anything she can. She's a great eater and once we weaned her about 5 months ago she finally (finally) started sleeping through the night. She's still a little mama's girl. Which is both wonderful and annoying depending on the day. 


I'm loving my third grade class this year. Such a fun group of kids. It makes such a difference when you really love your class. I'm still struggling with balance: kids, work, family, friends, house. But I figure that I'll always be imbalanced and that's ok. Except on those rare occasions when I completely lose my shit. But my mommy meltdowns are few and far between these days. I'm really seeing some forward momentum with my Beachbody business. I just recently hit Emerald Coach meaning that I now have a team of my own coaches. That's really exciting for me because I love seeing people hit their fitness and financial goals. 


Andy and I are doing great! Watching our shows, drinking good wine, balancing each other out. We don't get as many date nights as we'd like but we've been doing date nights in. 

So that's life in a nutshell. It's messy. It's hectic. It's beautiful.