Monday, February 9, 2015

A General Hodgepodge of Miscellaneous Potpourri

I suck at blogging lately but I'm doing pretty well in other areas.  Here's a general update for any straggling readers I might still have. 


Isabella is kicking ass in kindergarten. We had a little trouble with a bully back in October but that's been taken care of. She's starting to read on her own and she loves school! I get a little worried making sure she has friends and things like that since I don't really know any of the mothers but she seems like she's doing ok in that area without my help. She's such a sweet big sister. We're working on her picking up after herself and being more independent. Like getting her own applesauce and yogurt out of the fridge instead of constantly badgering me for every little thing. 


Arya is my little firecracker! She's the most affectionate, huggy, cuddley, kissy little thing ever but oh my lord does this child have a wild side. Keeping her alive is a full time job! Her favorite things to do are to jump on the couch, climb on the table, and pretty much climb on anything she can. She's a great eater and once we weaned her about 5 months ago she finally (finally) started sleeping through the night. She's still a little mama's girl. Which is both wonderful and annoying depending on the day. 


I'm loving my third grade class this year. Such a fun group of kids. It makes such a difference when you really love your class. I'm still struggling with balance: kids, work, family, friends, house. But I figure that I'll always be imbalanced and that's ok. Except on those rare occasions when I completely lose my shit. But my mommy meltdowns are few and far between these days. I'm really seeing some forward momentum with my Beachbody business. I just recently hit Emerald Coach meaning that I now have a team of my own coaches. That's really exciting for me because I love seeing people hit their fitness and financial goals. 


Andy and I are doing great! Watching our shows, drinking good wine, balancing each other out. We don't get as many date nights as we'd like but we've been doing date nights in. 

So that's life in a nutshell. It's messy. It's hectic. It's beautiful. 


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