Monday, March 9, 2015

Growing Up

My littles are getting big. It struck me the other day as I watched them playing that they're not so little any more. They're like these walking, talking, thinking, people with their own spark, their own ideas. 

Isabella just won "The Making a Difference" award in school. Only two kids on each grade get the award. I'm so proud of her. But with growing older also comes her own personality. She can be lazy at times, not wanting to put her clothes in the hamper and leaving her garbage around the house. She also rolls her eyes at me when I remind her. But she's sweet and smart and sensitive and knows what she wants. 

Arya is almost 2 and she is a ball of energy. She's speaking in 3-4 word sentences and she finally knows the colors besides green. She's also wild as all hell; a danger magnet. We just registered her for a 2.5 program at a local school. She'll go Tuesday's and Thursday's from 8:45-11:45. She needs to start socializing and getting into a routine. 

I'm usually not a sentimental person, always eager for the next stage and increased independence. But I know I'm right on the brink, the verge of being 100% out of the baby stage. Which is equal parts upsetting, filling me with nostalgia, and freeing! 


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