Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sweet Ice Cream Pinata

Arya's second birthday is coming up soon and I'm having a full on blast planning it.  So much fun to choose a theme, an outfit, and all of the other fun stuff that go along with a little girl's birthday party.  This year's theme is...Candy Land!  So bright and colorful.  I'm all about it.

For me I really like choosing the decorations, planning the games, and creating a themed menu (that's all for me if I'm being honest, kids don't care about that stuff).  What the kids always go nuts for is the pinatas.  There's something about whacking an object with a stick until it just rains down candy upon you.  I love how excited the kids get.

However this year I'm leaning towards using not just candy to fill the pinata, you know...sticking with my new healthy lifestyle.  I'm thinking I could also put in erasers, small notepads, little toys, maybe a toothbrush.  That's why I love pinatas that don't come pre-filled because I get to decide what goes in them.

I love the pinatas from Wholesale Party Supplies, because they're bright, fun, and adorable!  I've used them for Isabella's mermaid themed 4th birthday party as well as for our kid Halloween party this past year.  Sturdy and adorable...win/win.

So in keeping with the theme of Arya's birthday, I picked out a lovely ice cream pinata that I'm sure all of the kids will go nuts for!

I mean seriously...how cute is that?  I know the kids will just love it!

**I was provided with this item free of charge so that I might provide my honest opinion**